Contact Who You Were at …10

That is the suggestion in the book for today. Contact who you were when you were 10. Get a photo of you then…send love to it…remember that at that age, you had a sense to trust that you knew ‘yourself’…

Um. Uh-huh.

I remember 10.

4th grade. Shutter.

I knew who I was alright. I was the oddball that didn’t fit in…the school was thinking of skipping me past 5th grade…which they did. It was the year that I realized I was way out there and …well…just different.

But, I did know what I liked and didn’t like. Hmmm…I’ll have to think this one over.

If I can float back to 10, can someone tell my mom that she’s in charge…I’m going out to play.


1. It rained a bit. I like rain.

2. I roamed WalMart uninterrupted. And …did NOT buy anything!

3. Coffee…Have I mentioned coffee before! lol

4. Great phone calls…unexpected jobs.

5. New clothes sizes…Yay!


alicia in Hawaii


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