Divine Discontent

The author speaks of the feeling of dissatisfaction today. I think she is meaning that satisfaction that turns to a nagging uneasiness prods us into seeking a more ‘authentic self’. In this grey area of ‘discontent’ we then yearn for the up feeling we felt when embracing abundance. This discontent causes us to seek and search for the ‘whoo hoo’ that we once found. In other words, when we feel a little down, unhappy, or discontent, embrace and be happy for that feeling because it will prompt us to seek for the satisfactory feeling again. To aid us in finding our authentic self.

Well, friends, we will chase that rainbow. Let’s enjoy the adventure.

5 blessings:

1. The smell of rain as it falls here in Hawaii. So many wonderful memories come with the scent of rain…

2. A rose bush FULL of white roses right outside my door! In the winter! because…well…it’s Hawaii.

3. The smell of coffee. Mmmmm…coffee.

4. Making a few new friends. Getting to chat with new people today…that was a really interesting blessing…to make new connections.

5. A day out…all day. Pretty interesting.


alicia in Hawaii


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