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Today, we are to examine our inner explorer. Dream of the places we would love to adventure to…hold on to that adventurous spirit.

I’m not sure if I am the traveling type. I really like the little Island I call home. My most extravagant travel may just be inter-island to snorkel…lol.

If I liken that to my explorer of my authentic self…well…I’m sticking close to home to find her.

5 blessings today:

1. Great customers…that are really great people.

2. Quiet time. I really like my quiet time.

3. Yes, there’s the coffee again…

4. A beautiful drive across H3 this morning…always beautiful.

5. Creating something everyday!


alicia in Hawaii


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Buried Dreams

Today, the author suggests that we dig up our past dreams. Even those that we haven’t fulfilled. Look at them. Even those that we’ve abandoned. It seems like a tough thing to face…

and then…

Just be. Right here, right now…just be in the moment…and know that no matter what dreams you have, or the ones you may have lost…it’s all ok.

Be with those you love.

Be kind to yourself.

5 blessings today:

1. Being with everyone I love… everyone was home…and near.

2. Relaxing and being kind to myself. I only did stuff if I really felt like it.

3. Doing baking experiments with my best-friend-hubby.

4. Sleeping In!!! Even the birds stayed a bit quiet so that we could get a couple hours extra shut eye!

5. Coffee date…there’s that coffee again…  🙂


alicia in Hawaii

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Love Yourself

*I missed posting yesterday, so this post is for Feb. 13

Today’s excerpt is about loving yourself and indulging yourself.

The author suggests that you go out and spend a little on yourself, even $5, to just get something to indulge yourself.

I guess mine went towards coffee…and maybe the apple listed below…lol.

1. TV marathon of series catch ups.

2. Puppy pile snuggles.

3. Lots of white roses blooming outside my door…right in view.

4. Cool weather.

5. $3 EACH…Fuji apple from japan…yes, they were $3.19 EACH.


alicia in Hawaii

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Contact Who You Were at …10

That is the suggestion in the book for today. Contact who you were when you were 10. Get a photo of you then…send love to it…remember that at that age, you had a sense to trust that you knew ‘yourself’…

Um. Uh-huh.

I remember 10.

4th grade. Shutter.

I knew who I was alright. I was the oddball that didn’t fit in…the school was thinking of skipping me past 5th grade…which they did. It was the year that I realized I was way out there and …well…just different.

But, I did know what I liked and didn’t like. Hmmm…I’ll have to think this one over.

If I can float back to 10, can someone tell my mom that she’s in charge…I’m going out to play.


1. It rained a bit. I like rain.

2. I roamed WalMart uninterrupted. And …did NOT buy anything!

3. Coffee…Have I mentioned coffee before! lol

4. Great phone calls…unexpected jobs.

5. New clothes sizes…Yay!


alicia in Hawaii

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Divine Discontent

The author speaks of the feeling of dissatisfaction today. I think she is meaning that satisfaction that turns to a nagging uneasiness prods us into seeking a more ‘authentic self’. In this grey area of ‘discontent’ we then yearn for the up feeling we felt when embracing abundance. This discontent causes us to seek and search for the ‘whoo hoo’ that we once found. In other words, when we feel a little down, unhappy, or discontent, embrace and be happy for that feeling because it will prompt us to seek for the satisfactory feeling again. To aid us in finding our authentic self.

Well, friends, we will chase that rainbow. Let’s enjoy the adventure.

5 blessings:

1. The smell of rain as it falls here in Hawaii. So many wonderful memories come with the scent of rain…

2. A rose bush FULL of white roses right outside my door! In the winter! because…well…it’s Hawaii.

3. The smell of coffee. Mmmmm…coffee.

4. Making a few new friends. Getting to chat with new people today…that was a really interesting blessing…to make new connections.

5. A day out…all day. Pretty interesting.


alicia in Hawaii

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24 hours

Our excerpt today is about having a fresh canvas every 24 hours…to live our life by.

Give yourself a fresh start every day to build your life on. Don’t hold yourself hostage by yesterday’s happenings…especially, I suppsose, if the day brought you some unpleasantness.

Although the author quotes about ‘not seeing the brushstrokes’ because a painting should be prepped well enough that viewer would not see brushstrokes…I rather WANT to see the brushstrokes. I like to see that someone really painted the painting…with a REAL brush!!! Not a copy, not a print…and real brush…with real paint.

So, I say…let’s leave a little brush trail daily…let people see what is really us…the real you and the real me…brushstrokes and all.

Today’s brushstrokes…

1. Bringing great light to people around us. (literally, we installed 2 track lights today…and they look great!)

2. Quiet time at the bookstore…with no one to interrupt the ‘browsing’.

3. Coffee…mmmmm.

4. A blog response! (a comment made via Plurk! whoo hooo!)

5. Reading people…it’s always a simple abundance to ‘read’ a person and be able to help them out…or at least bring some attention to what they are needing to look at to overcome something that is bothering them.  🙂


alicia in Hawaii

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You Are An Artist


I flipped the book open to today’s date…and that is what it is titled. “You Are An Artist”

If any of you have ever read my regular blog, Curiosities808, on the about me page, I have an entire blurb there dedicated to me ‘being an artist’…ok, nuff said about the laugh.  😉

The reading today is all about finding inner creativity and allowing yourself to be an artist.

Right up my alley!

For over 8 years, I’ve lived daily by the rule of ‘create something everyday’… which means…I do something creative, artsy, inspirational …everyday!

Even if it’s just a teeny tiny small thing…it counts as one thing.

Did I mention…I’m an Aries. I’m a Monkey. Need I say more? lol

Well, world…I know the list is of my simple abundances…does anyone else have a list to share?

1. Tarot cards. I really love tarot cards.

2. Costco shopping when only a handful of people are in there.

3. Free gas for the car…what a great abundance!

4. Puppy piles. The dogs are great at piling up and just lounging…it’s a great team activity…lol.

5. Creating something everyday!


alicia in Hawaii

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