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Buried Dreams

Today, the author suggests that we dig up our past dreams. Even those that we haven’t fulfilled. Look at them. Even those that we’ve abandoned. It seems like a tough thing to face…

and then…

Just be. Right here, right now…just be in the moment…and know that no matter what dreams you have, or the ones you may have lost…it’s all ok.

Be with those you love.

Be kind to yourself.

5 blessings today:

1. Being with everyone I love… everyone was home…and near.

2. Relaxing and being kind to myself. I only did stuff if I really felt like it.

3. Doing baking experiments with my best-friend-hubby.

4. Sleeping In!!! Even the birds stayed a bit quiet so that we could get a couple hours extra shut eye!

5. Coffee date…there’s that coffee again…  🙂


alicia in Hawaii


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