You Are An Artist


I flipped the book open to today’s date…and that is what it is titled. “You Are An Artist”

If any of you have ever read my regular blog, Curiosities808, on the about me page, I have an entire blurb there dedicated to me ‘being an artist’…ok, nuff said about the laugh.  😉

The reading today is all about finding inner creativity and allowing yourself to be an artist.

Right up my alley!

For over 8 years, I’ve lived daily by the rule of ‘create something everyday’… which means…I do something creative, artsy, inspirational …everyday!

Even if it’s just a teeny tiny small thing…it counts as one thing.

Did I mention…I’m an Aries. I’m a Monkey. Need I say more? lol

Well, world…I know the list is of my simple abundances…does anyone else have a list to share?

1. Tarot cards. I really love tarot cards.

2. Costco shopping when only a handful of people are in there.

3. Free gas for the car…what a great abundance!

4. Puppy piles. The dogs are great at piling up and just lounging…it’s a great team activity…lol.

5. Creating something everyday!


alicia in Hawaii


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…and then

Today was a working Sunday…we added grout to our kitchen island creation. It’s a lot of hard work, but we’ve had great results…the island looks great!

Today’s blessings:

1. Sunshine. We do not have 2 ft. of snow…and no catch of snow in our forecast.

2. Singing birds. Lots of them.

3. Happy cats. (well fed too, they are not interested in the birds)

4. Trust. When you know that people trust you with their most prized secrets, that’s a great feeling.

5. Riding across the H3 with next to no traffic…sun at your back…beautiful.


alicia in Hawaii

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Whew…what a day.

It’s been a long day.

We created the kitchen Island today for a client over the H3. It came out GREAT!

today’s blessing list:

1. filet mignon

2. mcdonald’s coffee…yes, I like it.

3. perfectly matched stained wood!

4. wonderful, appreciative clients! We’ve had the best customers ever these past few weeks.

5. met a new cat…she licked my hand.


alicia in Hawaii

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Closing Out the World

All That Noise

The daily reading from the book speaks on tuning out from the negative things that occur all day in our lives. It suggests that we step away from the tv news, the papers, and such. In a way, shut out the static that continuously bombards us with tales of despair and turmoil.

I think this is what I was trying to address the other day.

It seems as though a post or article about something joyous or uplifting hardly gets a glance, let alone a comment, as compared to a post or article about a tragedy or heartache or loss, which most times draws a great deal of attention in views and comments. It really must be our nature to dwell on the downside. Why is that? Are we really that conditioned to shun the upbeat, upside, smiles? Why is that?

The other underlying message in the reading today talks about ignoring people’s opinions and focusing inward. Which is what I will have to do. At the beginning of this writing, I wondered if anyone would even be interested to read a post like this, let alone an entire blog dedicated to changing an outlook from dismal to joyful. I suppose my lesson here is, it doesn’t matter. I will have to focus on my writing and what it does for me. If getting it all out here helps me to turn off the nagging blahs and helps to turn on the whoo hoo’s…then all is well.

Today, we had a late start job. Which really is mentally hard to keep up with. Most times, our end time is around 2 or 3, and today we were just getting started at that time. The difference in the schedule affected the flow of the day…but here are the upsides to that.

1. It was a very calm and well thought out morning. We had a lot of time to be sure to get things together and plan for the days events.

2. I got to eat lunch at home. I got to make something that I wanted instead of not being here when it was lunchtime.

3. We drove over the H3 with virtually no traffic. Both ways, because of the time, we avoided a LOT of traffic.

4. The client’s cat talked to me…many many meows…and even licked my hand.  🙂  Always good when their cat digs you!

5. We’ve planned a really well thought out kitchen island. It will really go easily tomorrow when we put it all together. Spending the time today to really adjust some things will make tomorrow smooth sailing.

Imagine, this list, in its simplicity…may seem very ho hum to you, but I have made sure that each of these have got a full whoo hoo today…and I feel really lucky and happy to be able to see each of these for the joy that they brought today.


alicia in Hawaii

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Be Your Own Light

Is it Dark in Here?

From the reading in the book, Simple Abundance, today is supposed to be about searching for and turning on your own light.

For each of us, I think that the term ‘light’ means different things. For some it is an outside source…the universe, ‘god’, a heavenly spiritual being perhaps. For some it is an internal source…your soul, your self, your awareness.

Whichever source you choose to be your ‘light’, the point is…you’re in the dark without it… lol

Today was a quiet day at home, in our relatively cold weather. (70’s for Hawaii is cold!)

Today’s blessings:

1. The weather was great! It was cold enough to snuggle under the covers a little later in the morning than usual.

2. I had an opportunity to open a new online venture. I’m really excited about it.

3. I found my ‘light’. It’s a path I was on about 9 years ago… I realized that is what I feel like revisiting because this book brought up some ideas on reflecting back to a time when you felt the most vibrant. I’m heading back that way!

4. We didn’t have to go anywhere today! No schedule!

5. I got a LOT of online stuff done today! And it was pretty exciting!


alicia in Hawaii

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Who is That?

Today’s book reading shares information on finding our Authentic Selves. Thoughts of staying in the flow of life, going with the flow, accepting what is happening and riding the wave all come forth with this page of the book for this date.

Who is that person?

According to what the author writes, it is the you at your best…when deep down you feel right on target…everything is right with the world…I suppose you could think of it as Yourself…when you feel totally In Sync with …well…everthing!

Now, I ponder…

Is it in our nature as humans to seek out happiness, joy and tranquility? Or are we more gleeful hearing of tragedy and strife. I wonder as I write these blurbs  if writing everything as a positive upbeat recording of abundance has any draw to readers. Are we actually more drawn to read accounts of people less fortunate than us so that we may feel as if we are somehow hanging on to life in a more satisfied way?

I always want to start my writings tell you about the uphill battles I’ve had for the day. Then I reason to myself that my purpose here is to NOT dwell on those things I see as a hinderance, but draw attention to the blessings noted for the day. But, perhaps keeping every post glistening with happiness and excitement is not what the ‘authentic selves’ of many people desire to read about. Give that some thought.

Perhaps if we are more drawn to the sad and downtrodden stories and continue to surround ourselves with them (i.e. the news) then maybe our sad stories of the day then look like gems by comparison. Do we then ever really experience a bout of joy? Or is that a ‘settling’ of what could just be something mediocre in emotion?

When our authentic self is at it’s best, I feel it is marked by the most elated, most free feelings. Think “let your hair down”, “running with the wind”, “giving it your all”, “everything going just perfectly”…  That satisfaction, that elation, that moment of feeling so totally perfectly in the right place at the right time…that is the moment when you meet, see and recognize your Authentic Self.

What if you could meet that person daily? Not just on your wedding day, as you exchange vows, not just at your birthday as you open the perfect gift, not just at some marked occasion that only happens once in a while…and only if the caterer is on time and brings the perfect warmers!

So far, that is what I have found is the most profound affect of following this book so far. Finding that perfectly satisfied, completely elated, feeling that brings you back to your ‘authentic self’ each and every time you  notice and acknowledge a simple small ‘blessing’ for the day.

I know for some of you you will scoff and think that this sounds incredibly ‘fluffy’ and somewhat trivial…but I dare you to try it. Go ahead. Dare yourselves.

Today we got called to repair another part of the apartment we just remodeled. It was a small job, relative to the large overhaul of last week. It took us hours to load the truck and to stop at the store to get parts, then drive out to area. We climbed 6 flights of stairs, 3 stories up to bring all the things up then down again. This was today’s challenge, thus far.

In all that, my Authentic Self found these blessings:

1. It’s a wonderfully COLD day for Hawaii weather and the drive out to pick up parts and get to the site was fantastic! There was no traffic, the wind was blowing and gusting, and the weather was just fantastic! Cool, comfortable and crisp!

2. The drive is beautiful out to Nanakuli! The ocean is right there along your left side…the surfers were out in the water, the waves were manageable and the ocean waves always make for soothing sounds. The air was crisp with salt water waves.

3. At the apartment, no one was around. The parking lot was mostly empty, there were no maintenance workers around, it was quiet and serene. We got in and out of the place with ease.

4. The view from the 3rd floor was different today than it was last week. The ocean view revealed mostly flat water…instead of the high surf of last week. The colors were a deep dark blue…I wanted to paint a mural on the wall that continued the view of the living room! 🙂 [must have activated my creative arsty self!]

5. We were done, loaded the truck, cleaned up and were on the road in a flash! The drive back kept the sun out of our eyes, traffic was clear all the way home. We stopped at one place and the people were friendly and smiley. And, most of all…I spent the entire morning with my best friend…my wonderful husband. All that while ‘working’ at our ‘job’!

I hope that my ‘happy thoughts’ find a way into your life to bring a smile, a nod, maybe a nudge into something more that just ‘mediocrity’. Don’t settle for average…find a way to reach down and let out a big ‘whoo hooo’! The first whoo hooo may be a little difficult, a little embarrassing…but the ones that follow are frequent and burst forth easily!


alicia in Hawaii

(that, by the way, started as just a daily record to share with a few plurk people…but  I feel will somehow morph into more than just a recording)…as everything changes as others interact with it.

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An Abundantly Rainy Day

Not a Cloud in the Sky When We Left

The morning alarm went off a little too soon today. We had to travel to town to install some lights in a friend’s office which meant anticipating over an hour or an hour and a half in traffic to travel about 20 miles. If you’ve ever experienced Hawaii traffic, you know that that is NOT an exaggeration!

Well, my dear friends, we set out when it was still dark in the sky…cars lined up everywhere. We had a truck full of parts…naked and exposed to the elements…and…it rained. All. Over. the. Parts. and. Tools.

We got to the office at 8 a.m. Right. On. Time. Um…with every townie person that was late… and each of them driving about 50mph in the parking structure. Town people are scary. A little manic with their vehicles…then pretending that they are calm and collected when they step out of the elevator to face their townie counterparts.

Only one elevator worked.

The owner of the shop was 40 minutes late and we had to sit outside the door with all our stuff.

A country mouse in the city mouse land. YIKES!

Shake that all off…

The silver lining in all this? Some of the Simple Abundant blessings for today were rather fun and childlike!

1. I walked and ran barefoot in the rain at Fort Street Mall. Laughing and giggling like ‘small kid time’!

2. I got to see all the Fort Street Mall shops UP CLOSE since everyone was pressed up against the buildings to get under the canopies and stay out of the direct pouring rain. Some of those shops are very interesting…Hawaiian food…Chinese Herbs…Jewelry stores of ‘chinatown’…

3. I jumped in the puddles midway of the street as we crossed in the crosswalk there on S. Beretania. Barefoot…:)

4. I got soaking wet with rain after playing out there while going to lunch. Hair, shirt, jeans…just soaked. It was fun.

5. Got back to the air conditioned office and I must say, I stayed pretty ‘cold’ for the rest of the job…seeing that I was pretty wet from the rain…and the air con was blowing right there by the lights…lol.

We were under flash flood warnings…so hey, I figured I best make the most of it!


alicia in Hawaii

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