Needs and Wants

Today, for Feb. 10, the excerpt unfolds the authentic self through eliminating our Wants and dependency on material things…and focusing only on our Needs, the things essential for survival.

I have to have myself a little giggle…because…

We survived Hurricane Katrina. We were Coast Guard during the storm…and had evacuated North, but …everything…

EVERYTHING in our house was LOST to Hurricane Katrina.

Today’s lesson, of eliminating any excess, or extravagant Wants as far as material things go, is one that I have most likely learned well. Thirty plus years of ‘stuff’ was GONE in a blink of an eye. The Lake overflowed the levees, 6 ft. of water ran through our house…and “poof”…black mold took whatever was left standing.

So, I can seriously tell you, my friends, that you DO most DEFINITELY dig deep and become your ‘authentic’ self as you face defining yourself as truly just you…and not by the ‘things’ you own.  🙂

Post Katrina, hubby and I lived in ONE hotel room for a year together…us, our little dog, and 5 rubbermaid tubs of tax papers, documents, bagpipes, photos…and about 5 changes of clothes each… and man, did that teach us a lesson on compatibility and our true personalities! It’s a good thing we really like each other! lol

5 blessings today:

1. Size “Medium”…whoo hoo!

2. No crowd at WalMart today!

3. Gift Certificates!

4. It really was a ‘fun’ feeling day. Everything was stress free and simple.

5. We don’t have snow…we have sunny, warm weather. Yay!


alicia in Hawaii


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